By Vladislav Bugakov, Crimea, Ukraine

Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya, New York, USA





New Age Masters & The FireLion  



November 11, 2001


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Esoteric Herontology: Immortality - Achievable





Aging is a process of loss of organisms ability

 to perceive surrounding reality as aggregate of physical energies



A man is created in the image and likeness of the God. Is it possible that our God is sick, ages and dies?


A process of cenilension (an organisms aging) is the effect of embedding into causal body of a man mortal implant, implanting in result of infection of the Earth Planetary Logos by a virus of the Fall. Immortality of physical body is natural state for Divine man which all of us were earlier. There is no information about a necessity of aging and death in the root prime matrix of a man. It means that a man has a real chance to achieve immortality. (There and later the author implies under definition immortality immortality of physical body, a priori assuming that a reader realizes that a Souls death is impossible in principle).


However, a mans access to his template prime matrix is cruelly controlled and blocked by Those who govern over a man for last millenniums.


Mortal implant produces manifesting in a mans physical body specific gene mortal (gene of death) and gerontogene or cenilensiogene (gene of aging). At the moment of birth a man has these genes in latent state. Earlier, when, according to the Bible, people live thousand and more years, gerontogene was activating only in 450-600 years, i.e. in the middle of human life. At the present moment activation of gerontogene takes place immediately after 33 years. Also, wide diversity at time of activation of gene of aging in different people is observing now. Activation of gerontogene depends on a course of inner time of a man, i.e. on his way of life, place of life and, mainly, on quality of his thoughts.  


In normal conditions a man is born, grows and achieves his golden age 30-37 years. After that activation of geronto mortal program of self-destroying of an organism takes place. Activating, gerontogene reprograms the cells on inaccuracy of last copying, increasing in geometric series. Aging is a transition of the cells from cloning to copying. And a copy, as it well known, is always inferior to original. Informational shield is created around an organism, impedimental to entrance to the cells correct vital program. Moreover, virus annihilates part of information of cellular division, metabolism and protein synthesis directly in a cells nucleus.


The earth psychologists called a period of gerontogene activation crisis of the middle age, and, naturally, connected it with purely earth reasons. It is necessary to note that spiritual energy shield is forming earlier from 7-12 years old. Process of gene molecular recoding leads to gradually increasing wear out of an organisms tissues and molecules, and, as an effect, to a death of the last.


Initially, when people of the Earth were immortal, the Creators inserted in them the specific anti coding program in the form of oncogene. It successively played a role of an organisms corps man, destroying only aging and sick cells. Oncogene was a gene of Youth. But in due course as a result of departure of a man from the Divine norms of life, oncogene mutated went crazy, turned into ruthless omnivorous killer. The expression went crazy has to be understood literally: gene was knocked out from control of a brain and started its own program of evolution, not being subordinate to a brain any more.


 It is said in Agny Joga that any illness is healing by opposition of vitality. Preventive vaccination is based on this principle. Before reprogramming oncogene is functioning at the same principle, increasing an organisms immunity. Any sickness is possible to be healed sharply increasing its course in definite phase! It looks like a paradox, but the best mean against cold is strong brief cold.


Is it possible to change a situation and achieve increase of life duration and immortality? Yes, it is, but is it necessary? At present level of human spirituality death is a great blessing, not giving to people to increase their evil deeds, crimes and lawlessness.


 Nevertheless. The best age for recoding of geronto mortal gene complex is 30-33 years. It is possible and permissible to block informational drives of causal mortal implant and/or to reprogram gene molecular maternal (root) DNA, scanning and transmitting vital standard program from Conscious Perfect State Matrix (CPSM). We will talk about it later.


Full destruction of prime cause causal mortal implant in a mans karmic body is fundamentally impossible before Quantum Leap, when it will automatically burn out in fire torsion vibration of Fourdimension continuum.


And nevertheless, is it possible to do it before a transition in an individual order? Yes, it is possible. But it is very very difficult. The hardest spiritual work, development of physical body, passing of transmutation, cerebral defragmentation (it is a separate topic), Faith, Will, Aspiration to the God and Love are necessary for it.


A man may block mortal herontologic causal complex only through MICRO ASCENDANCE! It means that he will master to govern over his organisms vibrations to the extent that implant would be capsulated. Earlier, Buddha and Christ could do it. Torsion capsule will block transmission of destructive informational codes software of geronto and mortal genes. And, as is well known, without software and energy feeding your computer is only a piece of iron. We repeat, it is super complicated, but it is POSSIBLE!!!


If at global Quantum Ascendance decomposition and burning out of all viruses in all bodies of a man and their restoration on new vibration being level take place, at micro ascendance this process is limited Karmic (the fifth) body. Who will be able to achieve immortality during his life and enter the Sixth Divine Man Race though a Direct Transformation that will write his monadic name in the Golden Book of History of the Universe and will become Keeper Patrol of Quantum Leap, and later one of the Teachers (Lords) of the New World.


Who wish to achieve micro ascendance and get immortality during his life should pay attention to governing over velocity of rotation of his charkas, increasing spirituality and strengthening health and all physical organism.








November 26, 2001



DNA is a computer, iron, that is why for its functioning it is necessary to have a soft software. Those who created a man and later reprogrammed him, literally cut 10 DNA strands and blocked to 95% of his brain developed such program for a mans DNA.


Codons are letters of DNA alphabet, consequence of nucleotide chains of different length are syllables, word combinations and sentences. The earth scientists managed to sequence them, i.e. to determine a sequence. And they announced all over the world that they decoded a mans genome. Undoubtedly, this discovery is a big revolutionary step forward to cognition of the Truth. However, it is not worthwhile to exaggerate this discovery identification of alphabet letters they do not yet succeeded to arrange even one word, i.e. language of DNA programming vitalingua - is not still studied. Any language is, first of all, an aggregate of linguistic rules, formulas and traditional stable combinations.


As codons are letters, it is possible by their mutual combinations to form endless quantity of biological vital forms, similar to as from limited quantity of alphabet letters it is possible to organize language vocabulary lexicon. However. Certainly, it is limited theoretically.


At present it is necessary for the Earth scientists to realize the Divine essence of a man and his DNA. And after that, may be, vita linguistic rules of organization of protein substance on the level of DNA and field DNA will be opened for them. You deal with physical DNA that bears not more than 12% of necessary information (these are programs of protein synthesis, formulas of metabolism and partial regeneration). Subtle substance, field form of DNA, the existence of which you now may only hypothesize, bears in itself the main vital program. It will be possible to read separate letters, but words, word combinations, sentences and even the whole texts. 


Language of DNA programming vitalingua is the software for creation of a diversity of life forms of a man. As you say, a discovery if vitalingua is maturing. Its opening, truly speaking, decoding will give possibilities of competent cloning biological substance, and also the possibility of creation by a man similar to him physical (only physical!!!) vita forms. The danger is that a man is not only physical bode, but the aggregate of subtle substance field covers what you call a soul. Correct cloning, i.e. creation of ones like viable organism is permitted only with a soul. Are you sure that you studies well this question and you will be able to create a Soul? By the way, if to work through principle of monadic divisibility of Spirit, valuable cloning is real and possible. But with your present knowledge you can only create unviable genetic mutant with unexpected strategic model of behavior.


With decoding of vitalingua humanity will find itself before global evolutionary dilemma, incorrect solution of which will lead to death of civilization. This dilemma has only two main solutions, along which humanity of new age will develop: return to spirituality and the God or self-destruction through its own man-caused creation. Cloning of a man is this divide Rubicon. Clone all you wish, but only not yourself, it is a violation of the Space Law, according to which similar must not artificially reproduce similar. Children should be born by natural way. Space Law says: intellectual vita form may reproduce only hierarchically lower evolutionary vita forms. Clone mice, frogs, sheep, but do not try to equalize with the Creator DO NOT CLONE A MAN, it will produce in Spiritual Space irreversible causes, you know nothing about them, the effect of which will be immediate destruction of human civilization.


We rely on your wisdom!











November 15, 2001




It is already known that cenilension (aging) of an organism and its physiological death is virus process, causing a destruction of the cells and their regeneration in defective informational form.


Transmutation is the opposite process. On the informational level transmutation is a process of cells recovery in new evolutionary quality (finally, because at the beginning of a process of transmutation cells aging takes place in accelerating order). Energy informational recoding of DNA molecules takes place; and as an effect, recoding of all tissue, molecular and gene structures of an organism. At the course or a process of metabolism at transmutation renewal of the cells takes place but not as in ordinary person (with loss of factor of vitality, but with its increasing). In other words, a cell is programmed on progressed regeneration and vitality, leading to repeated its biological life, this gradually leads that at any moment an organism stops to age.


Also, in the process of transmutation there is point of zero immortalism. At achieving of it the cells find themselves to be fully recoding and copying themselves with 100%. Immortality of physical body is achieved by this way.


The process of transmutation is closely connected with the Earth frequency of vibration, i.e. with a state of environment. That is why it is closely coordinated with this factor. Thus, a mans transmutation will be finished with full completion of forcing of space frequency of the Earth. This critical moment of transition of quantity into quality is Quantum Leap or the birth of the Divine man of the Sixth Race.


Process of an organisms gene molecular energy informational recoding may be very painful and is connected with an opening of dormant latent cells of brain, DNA strands and changing of the nervous system. Immediate flash liberation of several DNA strands and neurons clusters of a brain will take place at the moment of transition. Spirality of DNA will be increased to 6 at the moment of starting of the Sixth Race; and during 6-7 Races to 12.


Thus, opening 6 strands of DNA and 51% of brain is necessary system requirement for achieving of immortality of physical body. Somebody will achieve this level immediately at the moment of transition, somebody earlier.


Process of cells recoding is connected with change of qualitative composition of a mans consumed food and energy in general. With increasing of elasticity of a cells membrane its energy conductive ability will increase either, and also a frequency threshold. These are necessary terms for survival in conditions of forcing of frequency vibrations of our space-time continuum.

















At operating of inborn sicknesses technique of perfect organism is used. For example, you need to heal inborn heart decease. Assume that karmic circumstances allow this; otherwise there will be no effect at all. You understand that this sickness has already been at the time of birth, that is why your method of chronal regression (return of a sick organ in healthy time) is inapplicable. In this case technique of perfect organism is used. It essence is: there is a mans organism perfect state matrix, for any age. This is a stage with which it is possible to compare biological age of a man; and through the extent of deviation it is possible to determine how wrong this person lived.


This is a biogenetic formula of a man, gene Primary code of Humanity. Some time ago it was transported on Vega (Alpha Lyra) . Just here we should search it.


Thus, a surgeon should simply reprogram a definite cell in mental or causal body of a patient. The Lords of Karma and a surgeons level of access determine it. Later a surgeon goes to Primary Matrix of perfect Organism on Vega and is scanning a heart in accordance with age and sex of a patient. It is very important to scan by mental scalpel just factual age and not to strive for the opportunity to rejuvenate an organ. A mans rejuvenation is also possible through primary matrix, but it should be conducted for all organism. It is necessary that all tissues of an organism were at the same age! Motivation of a patient is also important at rejuvenation of all organism. It should be spiritual; otherwise it is possible super fast aging and death after rejuvenation!


Attention: after scanning of a heart its transplantation takes place. To do this a sick heart is eliminated, and on its place info matrix block of a new heart is inserted. Not to influence on an organism, a patient should be placed into mental pyramid original operating room to avoid heart - break due to short-term stop of a stream of vitagene energy during transplantation. Mental transplantation will give in result change of tissues of an organism on the level of DNA. After transplantation it is necessary to implant a special program of tissue molecular compatibility into energy informational field. This program is accessible through your Teachers.


Rejuvenation of an organism through Perfect Primary Matrix is doing by similar way.


Method chronal regression and perfect organism lead to the same results. The difference is only that in the second case a surgeon needs to have an access to Primary Code Matrix of Humanity. This is easily for not many people: specific initiation for access to Star Logos of Vega is necessary to do it.


You will need the explanation of your Teacher about this question.


Operation of rejuvenation of an organism is accessible for everybody who wishes to do it. At setting of age it is necessary to come from optimal expediency. It is important that a patient was deeply thinking over a purpose of rejuvenation because at this it is easy to buildup Karma. If its purpose is a demonstration of ones superiority before the other people, karmic boomerang may be activated; and aging of an organism will go in super fast regime. Think attentively before an operation! It is necessary that a person realize that operation, actually, will prolong his life, i.e. reverse mutation is on cell molecular level. Operation will not have side and karmic effects in a case if a patient will use extended life only for the welfare of the people!


There is no necessity to age and die for a man living for the God and according to His Laws! This is one of the main axioms of the New World!

















June 28, 2002




From the moment of birth and to the end of the period of GOLDEN age a man permanently and freely (except periods of sicknesses) accumulates vital energy vitacin.


It means that in this period a man gets energy more than he needs. But this excess (on the face of it) energy is not lost in vain. It is accumulated in Cup of Amrita a place between the Third and the Fourth Chakras.


After an organism starts to age or, in other words, to receive less vitacin due to loss of elasticity of the cells and chakral tissues it starts to spend missing vitacin from accumulated reserve. Natural biological death comes when a person exhausted all his supply of vital energy vitacin. That is why one people live longer that the other.


A man can accumulate a reserve of vitacin for less long periods of time. For example, in winter under a shortage of vitamins, solar and plant prana, an organism uses that he accumulated in summer. Correctly spent summer is pledge of winter without problems. Justly they say: winter asks how did you spend summer.


How much excess energy does a person get? Every intellectual biological unity of the Universe takes part in permanent energy informational exchange between similar biological systems and all Space. Stop of this process will mean death. There is what may be called Golden Reserve of the Universe. It is a quantity of excess energy getting by biological object from Space space energy credit. This golden excess factor is equal to 33.3%.


Life of all space objects, whether it is a stone, a man or a star, is organized at the same principle: period of birth and mature (accumulating the information and energy), period of being at the point of golden equilibrium or age (systematization and balancing of energy) and a period of aging and death (expenditure of accumulated energy). One more time we pay your attention that aging does not mean that a person stops to get vital energy; he simply cannot assimilate and dissimilate it in necessary quantity. In other words, if before a point of golden equilibrium wind is fair, after this point it is contrary. Resistance of environment as regards to an organism increases and gradually he wears out and disintegrates. After that an organism exhausted his all reserve fund of vitacin, death of physical form and its resurrection in new subtle substance quality takes place.


Control and governing over ones energy, permanent energy and spiritual practices and exercises contribute to support of adequate elasticity and energy informational conductivity of an organisms cells, similar to as exercises of physical culture and sport support in good form physical body.


And this is the road to long healthy life and one of the first steps to Immortality.









June 28, 2002



It is already known that in energy informational exchange of the Earth with Space 144000 space objects takes part, which either way takes part in the Earth formation.


It is also known that 12 strands mans DNA is divided into different quantity of hierarchic sub strands, existing inside each strand (thread); and their common number is equal 144000. Each strand element of DNA corresponds to one of 144000 space objects of ECC (Earth Control Crystal).


Moreover, in a mans organism there are 14400 compartments that also correspond to maternal space objects. Each of the compartments is physical conductor and bearer of aspects of corresponding heavenly body.


Between a man and Space there is permanent energy informational exchange through 144000 celestial segments in his body, similar to energy exchange between the Earth and Space.


In the nearest future these zones will be identified. It will give a man huge possibilities, first of all in treatment sicknesses. Simply speaking, if some organ is sick it means that its energy exchange with Space (i.e. with its maternal aspects) is broken due to violations in entrance and return of energy. Through normalization of broken energy informational exchange it is possible to correct a balance of space energies of sick section and restore its capacity for work. Just capacity for work of an organism is its ability to assimilate and dissimilate permanent stream of space energy information.


It is also possible to study objects, their state in real (not getting from the past through light) moment of time, and also evolution of the Far Space not with help of telescopes, spectrometers and photometers but with help of microcosm a mans organism!
















December 1, 2002



Life is a preparation for death. For correct death, that later gives eternal life!

(Vlad Bulgakov)



Realizing of coming of New Age should be reflected in change of humans understanding and attitude to death. Now, on the threshold of four-dimensional immortality it is especially important to realize real sense of this phenomenon through the prism of complex understanding of unity and diversity of Life. Life is a part of death, and death is an integral part of life. Life is impossible without death, and death is impossible without life.


At the very moment death is necessary condition of evolution. Generally, death is natural and obligatory period in evolution of alive matter. And only that who cognized death are worthy to become Immortal.


Lets briefly consider some aspects of death from esoteric point of view. Earlier a man was Immortal. We have already told that death appeared when due to breakdown of humanity in involutionary spiral, and his cognition of himself, his destination and the God started not only through Spirit but trough Intellect either. Involution and domination of Intellect very fast turned homo sapience off the Divine standards of Being. A man became a danger for Spiritual Space, that is why the last has been forced to turn in a defense death.


But death is not necessary condition of evolution of bio substance. Vice versa, natural condition for it is Immortality, at that not only Spirit but a body. For this it is necessary to absorb in oneself corresponding experience of involution and realize it through Love. Later it will be Ascension, Christening by Death and Immortality. Christ came and showed to all people that it is possible and how to achieve it. Person searching of Immortality should pass the way of Christ.


Being of all existed, including a man, is a state of permanent consciousness. But it is a formula of mortal man homo mortalis. While a man lives his consciousness and sub consciousness are permanently functioning. Brain cannot but think, as well as lungs cannot but breath and heart cannot but beat. A mans brain transforms, puts into shape neutral energy and substance of mental plane of Space, spiritualizing and degrading it. Unfortunately, this fact is still not understood by humanity. Every moment of his life a man changes state of the Universe. Substance of mental plane by thoughts; substance of astral plane by emotions and feelings, substance of physical plane by hands.


Level of evolutionary development of a man may be determined by quantity of substance spiritualized by him, and level of depravity by quantity of disfigured substance. It is necessary one and for all to remember: we create every moment! Either good or evil.


When a man dies his point of consciousness focusing (PCF) is moved in the higher hierarchic levels of the Universe. This is already the fact that a man continues to think and experiences emotions in period of clinical death and also after death. With the last beat of a mans heart ascension of his intellect takes place. Three days after death part of sub consciousness continues to live! Only processes (at that not all) connected with physiological processes of organisms vital functions stop.


During first three days it is wrong to say that a man died! Only his physical body died and his consciousness towered. Ether, astral and mental bodies continue to live practically in such a way as nothing has happened!


Ether body decomposes on the third day, astral body on the ninth day, mental body on the fortieth day. This is neatly reflected in Christian tradition. After disintegration of substance of which it consisted, every body supplements primary substance of corresponding plane. Also, in this period (3, 9, 40 days) consciousness of monad bearer is rising higher and higher.


Energy informational exchange with Space DOES NOT CHANGE from the moment of death and to the third day inclusive! As nothing has happen.


A mans being is realization of continuity of consciousness! This is a formula of immortal man homo immortalis. At the moment of death people should realize that life continues and consciousness is continuous! Those from 144000 elite who will perform the transition in Immortality of the Sixth Race through direct transform (i.e. without death) have already passed this exam for realizing of continuity of consciousness at the moment of their last death. At the moment of Quantum Leap these people will live down in their life - time disintegration of their bodies into atoms (quantum disanatomy) and their assembling in new evolutionary quality of packed astral. This is a process of animate death when physical body factually dies and disintegrates on primary elements, and continuous consciousness is contemplating it and experiencing in pain format. This period will correspond to inter dimensional micro death of the Earth before its revival in Fourdimensional Eternity! Together with the renewed Earth new immortal body of a man will be born.

144000 passing this Mortal Christening will become the Lords of New World together with Maytreya Christ and the other Ascended Masters of Hierarchy of Light!


Suffered to the end will be saved  (?)


Thus, humanity is preparing to the exam for evolutionary maturity. Exam for getting the right not to die and to live eternally. They were preparing for it during millions of years. In the vanguard there 144000 bible elite will go, the rest, deserved this right, will die and born already in the Sixth Race in new imperishable body. They only will be in to pass the exam for realizing of continuity of consciousness at the moment of death of their present body. Always remember about it!!! And be ready!


As it has already been told, immortality is natural state of evolutionary development of a man. For a man, living according to the Laws of Space, in unity and cooperation with the God, carrying out His Sacred Will, in wholeness with himself, it is not necessary to die. Earlier or later every person will come to this. But for somebody it will take to pass all evolution from the beginning or additional millions of years on the other planets.


Everybody has a chance to find immortality (through indirect transform) and occupy a place in New World!!! For those who want it is necessary to pass cleaning (karmic inclusive), open consciousness and transmute centers, to pass the exam at the time of current death (i.e. to die correctly). It is necessary to lead a regular life, develop spiritually, practice spiritual energy practices. In other words, to fulfill the Divine Will. Otherwise, what for to live eternally?













DECEMBER 10, 2001



Aging is a sickness of virus etiology!



One of the most important evolutionary tasks of the current moment is realizing by a man his Divine Nature and potential. Gene and cellular memory of a man contains information about the Universe; however, due to blocking this priceless information is not accessible now. The barest evolutionary necessity is in decoding and access to this information.


It is known that a man lived on Earth for many incarnations in different geographical and social cultural environments. During his incarnations he ate different food, listened different music, saw different landscapes and so on. We were coded through this symbolism; therefore there should be a decoding key.


Definitely, all of us have ever paid our attention that they want to eat definite food or combination of different foodstuffs, cooking by definitely definite way (for example, shish kebab), or to listen definite music. Sometimes a man is literally pulled to visit definite place. Such moments is especially valuable when ride by really spiritual physiological needs of an organism. At these moments You listen a voice of Your Higher Self, which tries to give You a key for decoding of inner memory. Higher Self always knows what you need at definite moment. Listen to yourself and try to follow your inner call.


Thus, definite combination of foodstuffs and/or place and/or music vibrations that your soul wishes may serve as so-called match configuration, provoking frequency resonance, resulting in decoding of gene molecular and cellular memory.


One thing you should master is to recognize and distinguish the voice of Higher Self from your own imagination.















A man is a Lord of the Earth when lives in

 harmony with the Creator and uses His Laws.





All is subjective and possible for Him.


Resection is aerobatics of the Initiates. We differ two types of resection: the Divine and devil. Example of the first is the deeds of Christ, of the second black magicians of Haiti. Act of Divine Mystery is conducted in the first case, in the second a bigoted act of the blackest magic. In the first case a soul returns in a body, in the second one receives a zombie with substituted soul.


We will talk only about the Divine resection.


Everything is done through inner causal zones of the Earth Crystal and PLM (Personal Logoistic Matrixes). There are outer orbits in the Earth Crystal. When conception takes place and a man must be born, excretion of ether PLM into outer orbit and joining with Spirit (monad bearer) came for incarnation takes place. During 9 months energy informational exchange with all Space and also absorption of space energies of different qualities takes place. To the moment of birth PLM gets accomplished form matures, and at birth gets registration its own facet in human zone of the Earth Crystal. If this process was interrupted, a monad bearer is released in a very severe zone of aborted monad bearers original purgatory. Now this zone is overcrowded, and infamy of Space is shown by a shame of human race. Time of cleaning of this Zone and expiation of human sins is coming! At the moment of trans-ascendance the Earth Team will carry out what should be!


At leaving of a Plane after physical death a reverse process takes place: during 3, 9, and 40 days a monad bearer gets rid of correspondingly ether, astral and mental covers. At that  credit energy received at incarnation returns to these planes and heavenly hierarchies. It returns enriched by the earth experience of Being. You imagine what energy dominates at this! Really, we receive pure crystal and return stinking slops!


In forty days a process of uncovering of a monad bearer is finished and fire of Spirit Monad fire capsule returns home. At this full erasing PLM from active memory of the Earth Crystal takes place. Every thought, every word and every action of a man during the time of his earth incarnation is written in PLM. PLMs are the keepers of a mans SEC and PNC. Until the program of multi incarnations is not finished all PLMs are kept in passive memory of the Crystal. 1/3 of them are incarnated at this time unprecedented number. Quantity of human monad bearers in the bosom of the Earth is














June 28, 2002


It is not long ago a secret for the people who understand that aging and sickness of a mans organism have space karmic informational causes. They say that a sickness is born first in a karmic body, after that projects on mental plane, later on astral plane, and only after that sickness of physical body takes place. Unlike the sicknesses of physical body field forms of sicknesses a man simply does not notice. Unfortunately, experienced clairvoyants are not always skillfully interpreted them.


Practically any sickness may be stopped until it is in a field (non manifested, non physical) stage. This is a great gift of the Creator to a Man who does not want to use it and prefer to be sick, suffer and die.


What is a mechanism of the origin of the sicknesses in physical body? Each sickness, aging and death of an organism is a result of action of specific subtle substance (and due to this not registered by the science!) informational viruses.


There it is a place to note that we closely approached to a discussion of the most complicate sacred topic that would be developed step-by-step. This topic is called: Wavy virology, it connects with space field and informational viruses. We agree to call this group of informational viruses provoking a disintegration of bio substance of a mans physical body cosmosaurs (similar to omnivorous and insatiable dinosaurs in remote past of the Earth and present of some other planets).


Cosmosaurs are integral part of complex global system of space viruses. Later we will consider their nature, conceptual identity with computer and biological viruses and give a brief classification of space viruses.


Generally in space there is the whole, not for a while yet insufficiently explored by the scientists, science space virology or wavy virology, as we will call it. We also will add that Hierarchy of Darkness now is performing super active activity for infecting and neutralizing (down to physical) those people who are going along the way of spiritual development, opening their Hearts and Consciousness, and, thus, become a danger for Them.


Now there is a real and urgent necessity in knowledge and usage by a man elementary rules of space virology and methods of recognition, preventive measures and self destroying of informational viruses and attacks to oneself. All these are considered in the course of CELESTOLOGY.


Nature and primary Divine mission of space viruses we also will discuss separately. Now one more time we will pay your attention to that viruses are ingenious creation of space Intellect. Their action bears informational character, it means without energy consumption. Virus does not need its own energy; it uses energy of its victim.


Proper Cosmosaurs have complicated and multi step hierarchy. For example, there are CHRONOSAURS a virus of death (virus, embedding in timed field of a person and killing his life time, it leads to his early death); VITASAUR and MORTOSAUR are viruses of death; they destroy his life forces (fluid vitacin) in vital field (aura) of a man, including from his Reserve Center of Life; IMMUNOSAUR is universal cosmosauric poly virus, destroying an organisms immune system. Usually, when a virus penetrates and infects an organism, it uses tactics of suppression of systems of Air-Raid Defense and the other fire points of an enemy active anti virus components of immune system by impact injection of immunosaur in the point of bifurcation (point of unstable equilibrium) of energetic defensive field of a person. After that when immune system is destroyed or suppressed it is possible without any activity to infect a person by any virus. It is similar to the earth viruses, infecting a person when his immune system is weakened, for example, due to cold or super cooling.


Cosmosaurs has neatly traceable polymorphism (diversity) and transmorphism (transformation from one form into another). Sometimes, when there is a danger of destruction, one virus form may transmute in another one. Having unprecedented vitality and adaptation, cosmosaurs, as well as space viruses take all possible vita and bio energy of a person, which they direct to support their own life activity (10-25%) and also transmit it to Black Logos of the Universe (90-75%).


Every sickness has its own saur. Whereas cosmosaurs and space viruses operate on the higher, causal levels of the Unified Universe, they have their extensions or twins in physical world. These twins are called genosaurs. Genosaurs are a versions of cosmosaurs that, similar to computer viruses, may be masked as good genes that the science knows. In some cases genosaurs erase (destroy) useful vita genes (genes that provide life activity of an organism), and instead of it they write the same information   but already with their destructive stalls code, which is invisible for the earth technical means. Thus, genosaur is masked. Sometimes, space virus is self - archiving and write itself at the end of nucleotide chain of DNA (there is a reserve or rear part of DNA, assigned for storage and writing in compressed form reserve information of all informational system of DNA. This part is still unknown to the science).


In any case, phantom gene is created, that in reality is space virus pseudo gene. The Earth genetics till now not only can to identify them but even not suspect of their existence. And the scientists continue to wonder why, finding panacea from one sickness, some new sicknesses appear soon on its place, even greater fatal We advise to remember in this connection a parable of Christ how seven new demons come back at the place of one outcast demon.


Even having all necessary super technique humanity will not be able to resist to space viruses and cosmosaurs until do not understand their Divine idea, technology of operation and do not domesticate them, seeing in them not enemy but an ally.












June 26, 2002




FREQUENCY OF UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY (FUC) is official recognition of spiritual merits of a man, opening for him a way to any information of the University Unified Field (Akashic Records).


The special disciplinary committee of the Planetary Hierarchy of Light performs initiation in FUC. It officially confirms an access to The Universe Unified Informational Field.


From now on a man may freely been admitted to all databases of the Galaxy and the Universe (middle level). Generally specking, an access to any information of the God is limited only vibration possibilities of a man. There are simply no closed informational zones as such in Space. This is the Law of Free Access to Information. In other words, they hide nothing from us; simply we not always may take the information necessary for us.


This process is similar to the earth allocation and certification of radio frequency for radio or TV station or individual user. At FUC Certification a man gets individual registration code that is written in his field and is accessible for clairvoyance review.


Such informational exchange connection is always double-sided. It means that not only a man may go out and use Space databases (which consists of separate informational fields segments of the planets, stars and constellations and so on full analogue with servers, Web portals and sites of the Earth Internet), but representatives of the other intellectual worlds may freely connect up to him for search needed for them information about the Earth and humanity. In other words, a man becomes a biological server of access to the Earth informational field for the other civilizations because in any cases they cannot get such information differently as through a conductor man having FUC initiation or sacred animal.


FUC initiation is the most important stage on a mans spiritual way, being evidence of his space maturity and trust, rendering to him from the side of the Higher Forces of Intellectual Universe, and also a great responsibility, because through him Intellectual Space will make the opinion about all humanity.








as a Method of Getting Information from the Higher Forces of Subtle World


June 19, 2002



A majority of the methods of getting information from the Subtle World has been already known. We suggest another one, checked in personal experience, method of communication with the Higher Intellect.


Assume you are interested in an answer to any important for you question. Method of liberal prospection (from librum, Latin book) is You are shown the information more appropriate for Your situation, which is in printed or written form in Your house or a place where You are at present moment.


  1. Say prayer (enter your energy informational channel);


  1. Ask the Higher Forces of Light, Your Teachers or the God (in this case it is the same) to help you in making correct decision in Your situation;


  1. Enter meditative state of abstraction, detachment from all the earth thoughts;


  1. Get an answer of the Higher Forces. It may be in the form of page number and indication on a place of a book or other printed source on a shelf, Internet site and so on. You may be simply led to a book-shelf and automatically take necessary book which You are proposed to open in definite page (or You will open it also automatically);


  1. Read attentively and analyze the information sent You in such a way. You certainly will feel that place on a page, which is an answer to Your question. If You will not able (or will not believe) to find it immediately do not be upset and do not hurry with agnostic conclusions. Put a book away and repeat attempt later.


We tested this method on ourselves and made sure in its high effectiveness and information density, and in limitless wisdom of the Higher Forces of Light.


However, You should keep in mind that quality of information depends upon how much qualitative will be you channel. It is very important not to get into lower astral personificators.




Vlad Bulgakov (FireLion),  Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine





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